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File Extension DivX is mostly used to open video files encoded in MPEG-4 ASP compression or the MPEG-4 Part 2 that are of lesser size, but still of good quality. Divx can run on cross-platform environment including PC, Mac and recently with Linux through v 6.1.1 release.

Created by DivX, Inc., DivX Player and codec can be downloaded for free by visiting there website. DivX 6 or simply called \"DivX Media Format\" supports backward compatibility with AVI file format.

Converting a movie encoded in most DVD format to .divx extension require the use in encoding software such as Dr.DivX, VirtualDub, DVDx, and others.

Earlier free version of the software contains spywares the customers need to install to successfully use the version. The spyware include advertisements generated by Gain ad servers. This received greater criticism among users and resulted to the use of a competitor player, Xvid. Releases from DivX Pro 5.2 to the latest DivX 6 do not contain any spyware.

Any DivX Players created by the company can play this extension. Applications such as Windows Media Player can access this extension, but need to install other application that uses ffdshow. With the release of DivX Web Player 1.0.1 browsers with installed plug-ins will be able to play this extension.

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